Update (Feb. 2012): Found him, click the link below, go to FX tab at top, and go to the section for The League. Fox has finally come out with an official McGibblets doll…

McGibblets Doll

“Where to Buy Mr McGibblets?” I’ve been asked this very question by a striking number of people. Mostly men ages 18-35 looking for this child’s toy. For those of you that do not know who Mr. McGibblets is, he is this guy:  And he is known for the Mr McGibblets dance, which can be seen in this episode of FX’s The League or this creepy rendition:  Where did this lovable, little character come from?

The History of Mr McGibblets

Mr McGibblets (yes he’s Irish) first appeared on episode four of FX’s The League’s first season (the show was signed for a second season last month and will be released on DVD shortly). One of the opening scenes of this episode shows two of the characters interacting with a small child and her Mr McGibblets doll. The young girl convinces the men to do the Mr McGibblets dance and they comply. Kevin finds that his daughter’s new toy based on the character Mr. McGibblets is very frustrating so he devises a plan to have Taco dress up as the character and scare Ellie, so she will not want anything to do with him anymore. Taco dresses up as Mr. McGibblets but finds that Ellie wants to play with him and invite him back on Christmas, instead of being scared of him, so the plan backfires. Needless to say, his daughter is not afraid of Mr McGibblets.  In episodes near the season’s end, Mr McGibblets makes random cameos, and he is beloved by all. Many a college male will tell you to “Tickle Me and Rub My Belly.” In fact, he has multiple Facebook groups and fanpages in his owner.

Where to Buy a Mr McGibblets Doll?

This is the question of the new decade. For the immense popularity, it seems as if no major manufacturer has designed a doll. This has been a great disappointment as there are many people that want a doll and/or Halloween costume. Despite this problem, I set out on a goal to find a Mr McGibblets doll. Sadly, Ebay tells me this “0 results found for mr mcgibblets.” But do not despair, the journey continues. Amazon returned a lone result. A search through Twitter brings about an interesting person claiming to be Mr McGibblets. He also claims that he is producing dolls for sale, but to this point, this has not occurred. The journey has told us that there is no official (or unofficial) Mr McGibblets doll currently in production. What does this mean? With the pent up demand, a company could make some nice bank by producing one and putting it to market. With lasting thoughts, I give you one more image: 

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