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Special IKEA Offer

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Vizio Internet Apps Vizio Launches Hot New HDTV

Vizio Internet Apps Vizio Launches Hottest New Hdtv!

Vizio Internet Apps Vizio Launches Hottest New Hdtv!

Vizio Internet Apps Vizio Launches Hottest New Hdtv!

By: Maurice Gear

Vizio Internet Apps..Vizio is the #1 Selling american made HDTV manufactory in the USA.. And from the looks of things there going to continue to dominate the market with their new line of HDTV.. Vizio Internet Apps VIZIO Announces High Performance XVT HDTV Line Up with 240Hz SPS™, TruLED™ and Smart Dimming™ Technology, VIZIO Internet Apps (VIA), and Slim Line™ 120Hz LCD HDTV Models

•Flagship Extreme VIZIO Technology, “XVT Series” advances television’s state of the art with NEW TruLED™ with Smart Dimming™ and 240Hz SPS™ (Scenes per Second) in 42”, 47” and 55” sizes •Select Models of VIZIO XVT Series also include VIZIO Internet Apps “VIA”™ feature with Wireless Internet enabled content (42”, 47” and 55” sizes) •Slim Line™ FULL HD 1080P 120Hz LCD HDTVs to come in 32” and 37” sizes •All models are energy efficient, meeting and exceeding Energy Star 3.0 requirements

Sure VIZIO only just showed off new updates in its high end XVT series, but it’s already planning the next generation of LCDs with VIZIO Internet Apps included.

Packing widget functionality, 802.11n wireless networking and slider QWERTY Bluetooth remote, the SV422XVT, SV472XVT and VF552XVT Connected HDTVs are coming home in November, October and December, respectively. Already on deck to serve up content for your widgets are Vudu, Revision3, Facebook, Twitter, Rhapsody, Blockbuster OnDemand, Showtime, Flickr and more.

The biggest surprise? There’s apparently no price premium planned for these features, with the 55-inch clocking in at the same ,199 price as the model it’s replacing, though the 47-inch jumps 0 over the previous edition to ,699, while adding the local dimming LED backlit technology previously reserved for the 55-inch. The 42-inch will be the first and cheapest available at ,199 (sans LED) — we’ll see if that bar is low enough to get viewers to jump into the internet-connected display future.

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